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How much weight will I lose with the gastric sleeve?

How much weight will I lose with the gastric sleeve?
July 30, 2018 admin
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How much weight will I lose with the gastric sleeve?

One of the most frequent asked questions about weight loss surgeries is about the expected weight loss and time frames.

The sleeve gastrectomy is a procedure to revert morbid or extreme obesity within 18 months after the surgery. It involves removing about 80% of your stomach, and the results are that you feel less hungry, when you eat you feel full sooner and it can help improve other obesity-related health issues you may be at risk of having.

So what is the expected weight loss?

The amount of weight lost depends on the metabolism of each person, diet and physical activity. However most of the patients experience between 50 to 80% loss of their original weight before the procedure:

  • Within the first month after the surgery, 10 to 20% of weight loss is expected.
  • Three months after the surgery the loss increases to 40% approximately.
  • By the sixth month you can loose up to 60% of your weight.
  • The weight loss continues gradually after 18 months when you can expect to loose up to 80% of your original weight before the surgery.

Do I have to do a diet?

After the procedure, diet is restricted to liquids only for 2 weeks, then you can eat soft foods for another 2 weeks.

Solids can be consumed starting the first month. Starting from here the weight loss is gradual and stable throughout 18 months after the surgery.

Diet and exercise are essential for healthy and continuous weight loss, so you must permanently change your lifestyle habits.

What happens if I don’t do the diet?

Failure to keep up with the good habits noted by the specialist is the most common reason for weight loss failure after the procedure and in the long run you may recover part of the already lost weight. A nutritionist can help you make these changes and recommend good eating habits, the faster you look for a professional to create your postoperative program, the better.

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